Evolution of the CBL and CIPK gene families in Medicago: genome-wide characterization, pervasive duplication, and expression pattern under salt and drought stress


  作  者:Zhang XX#, Ren XL#, Qi XT#, Yang ZM#, Feng XL, Zhang T, Wang HJ, Liang P, Jiang QY, Yang WJ, Fu Y, Chen M, Fu ZX, Xu B*


  刊物名称:BMC Plant Biology


  卷:22 期:1 页码:512



  Calcineurin B-like proteins (CBLs) are ubiquitous Ca2+ sensors that mediate plant responses to various stress and developmental processes by interacting with CBL-interacting protein kinases (CIPKs). CBLs and CIPKs play essential roles in acclimatization of crop plants. However, evolution of these two gene families in the genus Medicago is poorly understood.


  A total of 68 CBL and 135 CIPK genes have been identified in five genomes from Medicago. Among these genomes, the gene number of CBLs and CIPKs shows no significant difference at the haploid genome level. Phylogenetic and comprehensive characteristic analyses reveal that CBLs and CIPKs are classified into four clades respectively, which is validated by distribution of conserved motifs. The synteny analysis indicates that the whole genome duplication events (WGDs) have contributed to the expansion of both families. Expression analysis demonstrates that two MsCBLs and three MsCIPKs are specifically expressed in roots, mature leaves, developing flowers and nitrogen fixing nodules of Medicago sativa spp. sativa, the widely grown tetraploid species. In particular, the expression of these five genes was highly up-regulated in roots when exposed to salt and drought stress, indicating crucial roles in stress responses.


  Our study leads to a comprehensive understanding of evolution of CBL and CIPK gene families in Medicago, but also provides a rich resource to further address the functions of CBL-CIPK complexes in cultivated species and their closely related wild relatives.




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