New insights into the phylogeny and evolution of Podocarpaceae inferred from transcriptomic data


作  者:Chen L, Jin WT, Liu XQ, Wang XQ*
刊物名称:Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
卷:166  期:  页码:107341


  Phylogenies of an increasing number of taxa have been resolved with the development of phylogenomics. However, the intergeneric relationships of Podocarpaceae, the second largest family of conifers comprising 19 genera and approximately 187 species mainly distributed in the Southern Hemisphere, have not been well disentangled in previous studies, even when genome-scale data sets were used. Here we used 993 nuclear orthologous groups (OGs) and 54 chloroplast OGs (genes), which were generated from 47 transcriptomes of Podocarpaceae and its sister group Araucariaceae, to reconstruct the phylogeny of Podocarpaceae. Our study completely resolved the intergeneric relationships of Podocarpaceae represented by all extant genera and revealed that topological conflicts among phylogenetic trees could be attributed to synonymous substitutions. Moreover, we found that two morphological traits, fleshy seed cones and flattened leaves, might be important for Podocarpaceae to adapt to angiosperm-dominated forests and thus could have promoted its species diversification. In addition, our results indicate that Podocarpaceae originated in Gondwana in the late Triassic and both vicariance and dispersal have contributed to its current biogeographic patterns. Our study provides the first robust transcriptome-based phylogeny of Podocarpaceae, an evolutionary framework important for future studies of this family. 




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