Genome evolution in Oryza allopolyploids of various ages: Insights into the process of diploidization


作  者:Zou XH, Du YS, Wang X, Wang Q, Zhang B, Chen JF, Chen MS, Doyle JJ, Ge S*
刊物名称:Plant Journal
卷:  期:  页码:DOI: 10.1111/tpj.15066
The prevalence and recurrence of whole‐genome duplication in plants and its major role in evolution have been well recognized. Despite great efforts, many aspects of genome evolution, particularly the temporal progression of genomic responses to allopolyploidy and the underlying mechanisms, remain poorly understood. The rice genus Oryza consists of both recently formed and older allopolyploid species, representing an attractive system for studying the genome evolution after allopolyploidy. In this study, through screening BAC libraries and sequencing and annotating the targeted BAC clones, we generated orthologous genomic sequences surrounding the DEP1 locus, a major grain yield QTL in cultivated rice, from four Oryza polyploids of various ages and their likely diploid genome donors or close relatives. Based on sequenced DEP1 region and published data from three other genomic regions, we investigated the temporal evolutionary dynamics of four polyploid genomes at both genetic and expression levels. In the recently formed BBCC polyploid, Oryza minuta, genome dominance was not observed and its short‐term responses to allopolyploidy are mainly manifested as a high proportion of homoeologous gene pairs showing unequal expression. This could partly be explained by parental legacy, rewiring of divergent regulatory networks and epigenetic modulation. Moreover, we detected an ongoing diploidization process in this genus, and suggest that the expression divergence driven by changes of selective constraint probably plays a big role in the long‐term diploidization. These findings add novel insights into our understanding of genome evolution after allopolyploidy, and could facilitate crop improvements through hybridization and polyploidization.



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