第81期    2018-09-12

Lars Ostergaard 教授
An Auxentric view of gene expression during plant development

第80期    2018-07-16

丁勇 教授

第79期    2018-07-03

Levi Yant 副教授
The whisper of wild Brassiaceae: what they tell us via population genomics

第78期    2018-06-28

Wolfgang Busch 博士
From Phenotypes to Mechanisms: Approaching Root Growth Control Using Systems Genetics

第77期    2018-04-28

田志喜 研究员

第76期    2018-04-10

Kenneth Olsen 教授
Evolutionary genomic studies of weedy rice

第75期    2018-03-30

孔凡江 研究员

第74期    2017-12-08

周忠和 院士
魏辅文 院士

第73期    2017-11-03

Ritesh Choudhary 副研究员
Exploring the Indian Biodiversity Hotspots

第72期    2017-10-31

王佳伟 研究员
徐麟 研究员

第71期    2017-10-24

徐波 博士
Paving the Road to Land: Rise of Water-Conducting Cells in Land Plants

第70期    2017-07-19

Prof. Stephen I. Wright
Evolution of sex chromosomes: Y go backwards?

第69期    2017-07-17

Prof. Jeffrey J. Doyle
Prof. Claude dePamphilis
Perspectives on the prevalence, pattern, and process of plant polyploidy
Plants that eat plants: Genomic and functional approaches to understand and control parasitic plants

第68期    2017-07-10

Prof. John Wiens
Understanding the origins and future of biodiversity

第67期    2017-06-01

黄智勇 教授
For bee’s eyes only

第66期    2017-04-27

Prof. Ronald Viane
Forty years of studies using old and modern characters in Aspleniaceae (Pteridophyta), switching from Africa to China

第65期    2017-04-24

胡哲明 副教授
Host specificity for Balanophora laxiflora and its allied agamospermic taxa (Balanophoraceae)

第64期    2017-02-20

李重求 博士 (Dr. Joongku Lee )
Biodiversity of Ecuador (South America)

第63期    2016-11-03

王小菁 教授

第62期    2016-11-02

马红 教授

第61期    2016-08-30

金相太 博士
Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Genomics in Magnoliaceae

第60期    2016-05-30

Prof. Sarah Mathews
Hotspots of conifer global diversity

第59期    2016-05-27

Barbara Schaal 院士
Fundamental Research and Conversation of Biodiversity

第58期    2016-05-16

谢长富 教授

第57期    2016-03-10

张丽兵 博士
Phylogeny, Evolution, and Systematics of the Lycophyte Genus Selaginella (Selaginellaceae)

第56期    2015-10-02

Prof. Dr. Manfred Ayasse
Host plant recognition in specialized bees

第55期    2015-09-22

李建华博士, Associate Professor
Maple phylogenetics and biogeography

第54期    2015-09-21

Dr. Leo Aoi Hosoya (細谷葵), Associate Professor
Reconstructing Food Culture and the Society: The frontiers of archaeobotany and ethnoarchaeology of East Asian Neolithic

第53期    2015-08-17

Professor Dr. Peter Bernhardt
Blue Ladies and Showy Slippers: Darwin’s Orchids Reinterpreted

第52期    2015-08-07

Dr. Jin-Ling Huang, Associate Professor
Horizontal gene transfer and evolution of terrestrial plants

第51期    2015-07-14

Prof. Dr. Makoto Kusaba
Gene isolation: from induced mutations to natural variation

第50期    2015-07-03

Prof. James A. Birchler
Construction and applications of engineered mini chromosomes in plants

第49期    2015-05-26

徐新汉 博士
Evolutionary significance of expression in the "intergenic" space

第48期    2015-05-06

Prof. Alfonso Susanna
Prof. Roser Vilatersana
Prof. Jordi López-Pujol
The tribe Cardueae (Compositae), a window into the biogeography of the Mediterranean
Conservation of the critically endangered flora of the Savage Islands, Atlantic Ocean
Richness, evolution, and conservation of the Chinese flora

第47期    2015-03-25

黄三文 研究员

第46期    2015-02-02

罗达 教授

第45期    2014-11-12

Prof. Ralf J. Sommer
Molecular aspects of developmental plasticity: on novel genes, chromatin remodeling and gene duplications

第44期    2014-10-29

白书农 教授

第43期    2014-10-16

徐新汉 博士
Evolution of duplicate genes derived from polyploidy — II

第42期    2014-10-13

Prof. Brandon Gut
Methylation and the Evolution of Plant Genome

第41期    2014-07-14

张文蘅 博士
Floral symmetry genes and the genetic basis of convergent evolution in a plant-pollinator mutualism

第40期    2014-07-04

赵大中 教授
Molecular Genetic Dissection of Flower Organ Development

第39期    2014-06-27

Prof. Michael J. Benton
赵祺 博士
Recovery of life from the greatest mass extinction of all time

第38期    2014-06-13

刘建全 教授

第37期    2014-04-25

Prof. Chin-Sung Chang
Prof. Hui Kim
Dr. Harry Wiriadinata
Uses of Primary Species-Occurence Data in North Korea and biodiversity informatics
Georeferencing for Biodiversity Data in South Korea —based on the herbarium material
Achieving Legal, Sustainable and Traceable Trade of Agarwood Producing Taxa in Indonesia

第36期    2014-04-02

马红 教授

第35期    2014-03-19

林崇熙 副教授
兰科植物ndh基因:Where, When and Why

第34期    2013-12-05

焦远年 博士
Unraveling ancient genome duplication events following land plant evolution

第33期    2013-11-13

Prof. David L. Dilcher
Asking the right questions – origin of angiosperms vs. origin of the flowers vs origin of the fruits

第32期    2013-11-03

刘建全 教授

第31期    2013-08-30

Steven Manchester
The systematics, biogeography and fossil record of Vitaceae

第30期    2013-08-16

Claude W. dePamphilis
The Amborella Genome and the Evolution of Flowering Plants

第29期    2013-06-26

Prof. Jenny Qiu-yun Xiang
RADSeq for evolutionary biology - lessons from recent studies and an experiment on Fothergilla

第28期    2013-06-22

Prof. Neelima R. Sinha
Genomic and genetic analysis of tomato leaf and fruit development

第27期    2013-06-14

Prof. Steven Johnson
Prof. Lawrence Harder
Dr.Yao-Wu Yuan
Floral mimicry in orchids: the role of floral signals in a community context
Limits on seed production by flowering plants
The “Endless Forms”

第26期    2013-06-04

Prof. Karol MARHOLD
Microevolutionary processes in the family Brassicaceae on the examples from the genera Cardamine and Alyssum

第25期    2012-12-28

Dr. Jianzhi Zhang
What determines the rate of protein sequence evolution and why

第24期    2012-12-03

黄双全 教授

第22期    2012-09-24

Dr. Richard Abbott
Genomics of Divergence and Speciation: a Case Study in Senecio

第21期    2012-09-17

Dr. Dianne Edwards
1. Brief introduction of the Linnean Society of London; 2. Life on land before vascular plants

第19期    2012-06-15

Dr. Jenny Qiu-yun Xiang
The Flowering Dogwood: phylogenography, species distribution modeling, and evo-devo of petaloid bracts

第20期    2012-07-25

Dr. Juan Lopez-Bautista
Assembling the Tree of Life for Red and Green Algae

第18期    2012-06-11

韩斌 研究员

第17期    2012-05-24

Dr. William (Ned) Friedman
Dr. Pamela Diggle
Darwin's 'abominable mystery' and the search for the first flowering plants
'A great & curious blunder in dame nature' - an evo-devo approach to Darwin's exclamation

第16期    2012-05-08

Dr. Marcia Waterway
Molecular phylogeny of Carex (Cyperaceae): implications for classification and phylogeny

第15期    2012-04-23

Dr. Wolfgang Busch
Dissecting Root Development using Quantitative Large-Scale Phenotyping

第14期    2012-03-28

Dr. Douglas E. Soltis
Dr. Pamela S. Soltis
Big Phylogenetic Trees and Plant Evolution
The Role of Polyploidy in Angiosperm Diversification

第13期    2012-03-15

吴仲义 院士
Evolution of cells in multicelluar organisms -- How animals get cancers (and why plants do not)

第12期    2012-01-04

Dr. Harlad Schneider
Challenges and opportunities of plant systematics in the 21st century: towards a comprehensive classification of land plants

第11期    2011-12-21

葛学军 研究员

第9期    2011-12-05

王 文 研究员

第8期    2011-11-24

罗静初 教授

第7期    2011-11-15

白书农 教授

第6期    2011-11-08

杨永 副研究员
白伟宁 副研究员
The private life of plants---mating system evolution

第5期    2011-10-20

Dr. Zhao-Bang Zeng
Study genetic basis and pathway of complex traits

第4期    2011-10-13

Dr. Masatoshi Nei
Dr. John H. Willis
Dr. Thomas Mitchell-Olds
Roles of mutation and selection in speciation: results from recent genomic analyses
Genetic analysis of adaptation and reproductive isolation in Mimulus
Complex trait variation in complex environments

第3期    2011-09-29

Dr. Jan Kirschner
Principles of Taraxacum Taxonomy in Global Perspective

第2期    2011-09-20

张宪春 研究员

第1期    2011-09-13

洪德元 院士
郭亚龙 研究员
Taxonomy and Gene Tree of Tree Peonies, with a Discussion on Species Concept in Plants
Evolutionary genomics of S-locus and speciation in Arabidopsis relatives